Start of Spring (Summer) Semester 2022

Dear colleagues and students interested in Research and Studies at DHIP,

I am happy to announce the start of our Spring (Summer) Semester 2022 that starts tomorrow April 28, 2022 and ends July 28, 2022.

  1. From April 28, 2022 till July 28, 2022, I will offer every Thursday except Ascension day and Corpus Christi from 2:15 p.m.-3:45 p.m. (Vienna Time), in German, the lecture course PHILOSOPHIE DES GEISTES – MIT GEIST to interested DHIP researchers and to students of the LMU (I will teach the course no longer exclusively by ZOOM, but will be physically present in Munich. Simultaneously, however, I will offer the course by Zoom; I attach the schedule in the P.S.). I will send the Zoom link weekly to all who register for the course with me through E-Mail: This course will also be professionally video recorded by the LMU. The following is the link where all the recordings will be made available: lessons’ recording list.

  2. Starting April 28, 2022 till July 28, 2022, I will offer each Thursday (except for the two holidays) from 4:15-17:45 p.m. an advanced Seminar KRITISCHE UNTERSUCHUNG DER EVOLUTIONSTHEORIE.

  • To DHIP researchers who are not LMU-Students but register with me, I will send as well a zoom link.
  1. Starting Wednesday, May 4, from 2:15 – till 4:15 p.m., we will likewise resume our DHIP Research Seminar. (I will send weekly links to all who register for the course).

With warm regards,

Josef Seifert
Full Professor