Status quo nunc of DHIP and academic courses next to come

Dear members, friends and applicants to DHIP,

the primary goal of the Dietrich von Hildebrand Institute of Philosophy and Realist Phenomenological Research is to become a help for each member to philosophize on his own with the aim to know the truth about the most important issues philosophy is concerned with. The motto of the IAP: diligere veritatem omnem et in omnibus (To love all truth and to love it in everything) and the proposition of Aquinas: “Studium philosophiae non est ad hoc quod sciatur quod homines senserint, sed qualiter se habeat veritas rerum” (The study of philosophy does not aim at knowing what men thought but what the truths of things is - De Coelo et Mundo, I, 22, n. 9) remain our motto.

Our Institute, which has started its operation in the Fall of 2019 with just one excellent Portuguese member (who has completed his doctoral thesis during his stay in Gaming and then left in order to defend his doctoral thesis on Hildebrand’s philosophy in Madrid) has developed considerably. Apart from a growing number of Masters and doctoral students who participate in the seminar that – since the Spring of 2020 - has been conducted exclusively via Zoom, the number of Professors who regularly participate in the weekly research seminar has grown to four, and a greater number of advanced philosophy students have attended the seminar. The participating Professors and the other participants from different countries (Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, US, China, Mexico, Brazil, and Columbia) have greatly enriched the intellectual level and the international atmosphere of the seminar.

The cooperation with the LMU (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich) and the APT (Academy of Philosophy and Theology) has likewise been better established in that the courses offered by Professor Seifert in both of these institutions have been and will be offered simultaneously by the DHIP - besides the DHIP’s exclusive research seminar. Recordings of previous German LMU and APT lectures of the Winter Semester 2020/21 are available at: and at:

Our Spring semester 2021 dates correspond to those of LMU (April 12 – July 16, 2021). This Spring semester my two LMU courses (a lecture course on bioethics and an advanced Seminar on the body soul question - both in German, with a number of English texts provided) are being simultaneously offered by DHIP. Oral presentations of DHIP members in the body soul seminar will be presented, because of limits of members of LMU Seminars, in the DHIP research seminar that is only accessible to DHIP members.

My German weekly lecture course on bioethics at LMU will start on April 15, 2021, at 2:15 pm, Vienna time, and the seminar on body-soul at 4:15 pm on that same day. DHIP members are cordially welcome to attend but should notify me of their intention to assist.

The weekly Spring Semester Research Seminar of DHIP will resume on Tuesday April 20, 2021, at 4:15 pm, the last session will be held July 13, 2021.

All of these courses, because of the Corona crisis, will continue to be offered exclusively via Zoom. (We hope they can be given in hybrid form - both via zoom and live - from the Fall of 2021 on).

Applications to DHIP membership can be sent directly to me (further info at the “Research & Applications” section of the DHIP internet site).

Welcoming cordially old and new members to another semester at DHIP,

Professor Josef Seifert

Josef Seifert
Full Professor