Courses and Deadlines

Dear colleagues and students,

If any one of you would like to enroll in the DHIP SS 2020 research seminar (flyer available on our homepage), or/and in one of my two German courses at the University of Munich, there is still time to enroll.

My German courses:



At the LMU the enrollment period is over since april 14, but it is still possible to enroll next week via Professor Thomas Wyrwich (

As all courses of philosophy at the LMU will be given through ZOOM as well, you also enroll in the two German courses I am delivering there.

These courses will also be recognized by the DHIP, as well as by the new AEMAT Academy of Philosophy and theology ( course info), where I will co-teach a course with its Director, Dr. Raphael Bexten ( course info): 3 weeks for free trial.

Thus there there is still time to enroll in either one of these three programs and four courses.

In the DHIP the tuition/research fee is 2.500€ pro semester.

All seminars will be given by SKYPE or ZOOM this semester because of the Corona Crisis. Thus you could take the research seminars from home.

You could start right now (our official Spring Semester is starting April 26), one week after the SS of the University of Munich (that begins Monday, 20 of april; my courses at LMU will start Thursday, 23 of April), and will go until the end of July (one week longer than the University of Munich semester).

As all courses of philosophy at LMU will be given through ZOOM on–line only, you could also enroll at the same time in DHIP and at the LMU in the two German courses I am delivering there.

As we could accelerate the enrollment procedures at DHIP, you would be welcome to start on April 26 as a researcher/student in DHIP. You could present your work or response papers in English, German, Spanish, Italian, or French. If you are writing a doctoral or masters thesis at another University, you could present sections or chapters of your work in at least two 20–minute presentations per semester, to be discussed by the other participants and faculty, and present a response to two other presentations.

We can divide the total 15 research seminars such that every member of DHIP could present at least twice a semester his research for 20 minutes, with a brief response of 10 minutes to two other presentations, and a discussion following, and present twice more a short (10 minute) response paper to another person’s presentation. As long as we have fewer students/researchers enrolled than 15 (as is presently the case), you could make more frequent presentations in the seminars, if you so desire.

As soon as we have 15 or more enrolled researchers or students, we will hire new faculty and thereby double the slots available in the seminars.

You could also enroll in the Course Dr. Bexten/Prof. Seifert will offer on–line at the APT: course info.

I hope to see some of you soon in the air.

Prof. Josef Seifert

Josef Seifert
Full Professor