Status quo nunc of DHIP and academic courses next to come

Dear members, friends and applicants to DHIP, the primary goal of the Dietrich von Hildebrand Institute of Philosophy and Realist Phenomenological Research is to become a help for each member to philosophize on his own with the aim to know the truth about the most important issues philosophy is concerned with.

DHIP Seminar Explanations

MEMBERS OF THE DHIP 2020/21 Participants (regular students or researchers) in DHIP research Seminar: Dr. Raphael E. Bexten Dr. Alessandro Sanmarchi, Italy Dr. Maria Judith Sucupira Costa Lins, Brazil

Courses and Deadlines

Dear colleagues and students, If any one of you would like to enroll in the DHIP SS 2020 research seminar (flyer available on our homepage), or/and in one of my two German courses at the University of Munich, there is still time to enroll.