Actual Position at the DHIP

Being a skilled researcher and an associated member of the DHIP, Alessandro Sanmarchi collaborates with the DHIP both as Partner Research Fellow and IT Responsible. He is the programmer who has built and maintains the DHIP internet site. Official DHIP documents written using XeLaTeX are also composed by him.

Short Profile and List of Publications

Alessandro Sanmarchi is married and has three daughters. After the PhD his Cursus Honorum began with a 3-years salaried specialisation as “Contract Professor” at the Pontifical Lateran University of Rome. He was then appointed Visiting Professor at the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas (PUST) in Rome, holding the course of Metaphysical Theology (in English) for a semester. Since many years he is also appointed as not-salaried expert in philosophy (“Cultore della materia”) at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy. More recently he has become member of the John Paul II Academy for Human Life and the Family. Due to the difficulties in obtaining a stable and reasonably salaried academic position, he had always to maintain a parallel working career in the fields of Informatics and, more recently, also of Occupational Safety and Health. As researcher in Philosophy he is specialised in Theoretical Philosophy with a particular focus on Natural or Metaphysical Theology. However, in reason of taking seriously Saint Thomas Aquinas' advise1, that Natural Theology represents the final mooring point to which the whole study of philosophy happens to be ordered, his research path is being developed through a stepwise deepening of all the necessary philosophical areas. The wished result is a solid foundation of what is needed in order to account for the true meaning of human life; not excluding the practical application of the reached theoretical conclusions as criteria for the hermeneutics of Western intellectual history.

The present situation of his studies is affected by the necessity of maintaining a main job other than philosophical reaserch and, therefore, is the following one:

  1. the first paper related to a long-term research program on Relativism and its intellectual history has been recently published in English;

  2. a second and longer paper on Relativism in English is almost ready to be sent for being peer-reviewed;

  3. the first draft of a long essay in Metaethics (Theory of a Theistic Metaethics) is waiting to be finished and to be translated into English (extimated time for accomplishment: 2 years if at least a part time (= 50%) studying will be possible).

  1. “Ad cognitionem enim eorum quae de Deo ratio investigare potest, multa praecognoscere oportet: cum fere totius philosophiae consideratio ad Dei cognitionem ordinetur; propter quod metaphysica, quae circa divina versatur, inter philosophiae partes ultima remanet addiscenda. Sic ergo non nisi cum magno labore studii ad praedictae veritatis inquisitionem perveniri potest” (Sancti Thomae Aquinatis Summa Contra Gentiles, I, 4). ↩︎


  • Natural or Metaphysical Theology
  • Metaphysics
  • Metaethics, Ethics, Bioethics
  • Intellectual History
  • History of Philosophy
  • History of Religion

Cursus Studiorum

  • Specialisation (with written thesis) as "Contract Professor", 2009-2011

    (Qualification peculiar of Vatican Universities)

    Pontifical Lateran University, Rome, State of the Vatican City

  • PhD in Philosophy, 2003-2006

    Pontifical Lateran University, Rome, State of the Vatican City

  • B.A. in Philosophy, 1999

    Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, Italy

List of Publications