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Dietrich von Hildebrand
1889 – 1977


Doing philosophical research of the widest scope, searching for truth about God, man, and all other legitimate objects of philosophical knowledge is at the heart of our commitment to philosophy. Therefore the Dietrich von Hildebrand Institute of Philosophy (DHIP) is an academic institution devoted, as its fundamental aim, to the practice and promotion of pure theoretical research. In order to achieve this fundamental goal DHIP has been provided with a particular structure and with original working methodologies.

Description of DHIP's main purpose and research methodology

The fact of having being named our institute after the famous catholic philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand, although entailing a special focus on his theoretical work, on his methodology and more in general on Realist Phenomenology, nonetheless has not to be intended as an esclusive reference. Rather, it is the sign of a heritage and a philosophical identity by their nature opened to the integration of every available “bit” of truth, wherever it comes from. Indeed, in opposition to any form of relativistic syncretism, we are pursuing armony among the tiles that belong to the vast and always fascinating mosaic of truth.

History and current status of the DHIP

Our Growing Team

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Josef Seifert

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Derek S. Jeffreys

DHIP Member & Researcher


Javier N. González Camargo

DHIP Member & Researcher


Maria Judith Sucupira da Costa

DHIP Member & Researcher


Laura Camila Barragán Lizarazo

DHIP Member & Researcher

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Alessandro Sanmarchi

DHIP Partner Research Fellow

IT Responsible at DHIP



Eugénio Lopes


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Gustav Siewerth Akademie

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DHIP’s research guidelines

All needed information in order to apply to DHIP special training programs can be found within the following DHIP pdf flyers:


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Status quo nunc of DHIP and academic courses next to come

Dear members, friends and applicants to DHIP, the primary goal of the Dietrich von Hildebrand Institute of Philosophy and Realist Phenomenological Research is to become a help for each member to philosophize on his own with the aim to know the truth about the most important issues philosophy is concerned with.
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DHIP Seminar Explanations

MEMBERS OF THE DHIP 2020/21 Participants (regular students or researchers) in DHIP research Seminar: Dr. Raphael E. Bexten Dr. Alessandro Sanmarchi, Italy Dr. Maria Judith Sucupira Costa Lins, Brazil
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Courses and Deadlines

Dear colleagues and students, If any one of you would like to enroll in the DHIP SS 2020 research seminar (flyer available on our homepage), or/and in one of my two German courses at the University of Munich, there is still time to enroll.
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DHIP’s Publications

DHIP Series

Göttliche Schöpfung der Welt und des Menschen aus dem Nichts. Philosophische Beweise. Bye-bye Dawkins and Darwin

Die göttliche Schöpfung der Welt und des Menschen aus dem Nichts ist Gegenstand des Glaubens zahlloser Menschen: sie ist auch Gegenstand rationaler Beweise. Im vorliegenden Buch wird die göttliche Schöpfung der Welt und des Menschen, und insbesondere dessen geistiger Seele, aus dem Nichts als Gegenstand reinster Vernunft unwiderleglich bewiesen.
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